Time flies!

How is it already almost June?? Well, if the weather here in NYC is any indication, it’s definitely already summertime in the city! And if it’s summer, then that means I am woefully overdue for an update! So here goes…

The most exciting news that’s come about in the last few months is that I’m going to have one of my plays published for the first time! Yes, that’s right, I will be a published playwright! My ten-minute play, Ready, Aim…Fire!, written for and produced by ESPA at Primary Stages’ Detention Series, will be published along with all the other plays from the first 15 Detentions.

I’m so thrilled to be included in such an amazingly talented roster of fellow ESPA playwrights! And I’m even more excited to share this fun little play with all the folks who didn’t get a chance to see it during Detention or Leviathan Lab’s Asian American Women Playwrights Short Play Festival back in 2011.

The publication is still forthcoming, but for now you can check out my spiffy playwright profile on Indie Theater Now’s website:

Kristine M. Reyes on Indie Theater Now

And since you’re tooling around on the world wide web anyway, you might as well check out my first ever guest blog post for the Women in Theatre series for the League of Professional Theatre Women and Howlround. These are both excellent and vital organizations that do so much for playwrights and the theater community, so it was an honor to participate in this series. If you’re curious about getting a glimpse into my writing process (which I’m sure is not unique to me!), here’s your chance:

Slaying the Dragon

And last but not least, I would be remiss if I didn’t give a quick update about the fantastic time I had in Minneapolis for the New Eyes Festival back in December. The folks at MU Performing Arts were so warm, welcoming and generous, and it was a wonderful experience! My fellow Leviathan Labbie playwright partner-in-crime, Marisa Marquez, also had her play Cyber Fishing read during the festival, and we had a blast painting the town brown that weekend (brown because we’re Filipina, see?).

I had a great time just sitting back and watching the fabulous actors, Katie, Brandon and Allen, do their thing with my plays under the sure-handed direction of Rich. It was really cool to hear my plays again with fresh ears, in front of a brand new audience. And I survived my first post-show talkback! The audience was engaged throughout, and had some really thoughtful and positive feedback for me. And I gotta say, the people of Minneapolis, in general, were sweet as all get-out. I hope to make a return visit soon to catch more theater in the Twin Cities…and work with MU again in the future too, of course!

Here I am with my cast, director and MU’s former Artistic Director Rick Shiomi:

(L-R: Rich Remedios, Brandon Ewald, Katie Bradley, Kristine M. Reyes, Allen Malicsi, Sara Ochs, and Rick Shiomi // photo by Eric Sharp)

(L-R: Rich Remedios, Brandon Ewald, Katie Bradley, Kristine M. Reyes, Allen Malicsi, Sara Ochs, and Rick Shiomi // Photo credit: Eric Sharp)

That’s all for now, folks! I’ll be sure to let you know when Ready, Aim…Fire! is up and ready to go. Until then, stay cool and enjoy your summer!


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