Artistic Statement

As a Filipina American who’s grown up straddling two cultures, I write plays that seek universal truths across racial, ethnic and generational divides as a way to come to terms with my own heritage and history.  My plays are character-driven and explore family and relationship dynamics, while touching upon themes of familial responsibility vs. personal fulfillment, love and loss, acceptance and understanding. While the cultural identity of my characters informs and affects them, it doesn’t wholly define them. With a keen awareness that these characters are largely unseen in the American theatrical and cultural landscape, I write for an audience that yearns to see themselves and their stories reflected on stage — regardless of their own background.


One response to “Artistic Statement

  1. I feel total empathy with your mission. It’s what I strive to understand, write about, talk about, shout about in my life as well. Good luck, break a leg and happy writing.

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