Women of Color Human Rights Theatre Project

Kristine has been in production for her new one-act play, Lola Luning’s First Steps, which was written during Women of Color Productions’ 2011 Playwright Development Program.  She is thrilled to participate in a program that creates and supports new plays about women of color and human rights issues.  To read more about her process in writing and developing the play, please read her post “A year of firsts…”

Lola Luning’s First Steps will be featured in the Women of Color Human Rights Theatre Project running June 22 – July 2, 2012 at Joria Productions in New York City.  The theater festival is an AEA Approved Showcase. Advanced tickets can be purchased here:


Lola Luning’s First Steps focuses on three generations of Filipina women – Lola Luning, her daughter Virgie and her granddaughter Gabriela – who grapple with the aftermath of both sexual and domestic violence as they struggle to come to terms with their abusive pasts.

As Lola Luning’s worsening dementia causes the trauma of her young life in the Philippines during WWII to resurface, her granddaughter Gabriela tries to uncover the whole story.  Meanwhile, Lola Luning’s daughter Virgie denies that what’s happening is anything more than the workings of a failing mind, exposing her inability to confront the truth about her own past.  Can Gabriela put together the pieces of her family’s history before Lola Luning falls deeper into dementia and their story is lost forever?

Directed by Andrea Andresakis
Featuring Joyce Laoagan, Christine Lee and Krystal Seli

Joria Productions
260 W. 36th Street, 3rd Floor, NYC

Showtimes for Lola Luning’s First Steps:
Friday, June 22 @ 8pm
Saturday, June 23 @ 5:30pm & 8pm
Sunday, June 24 @ 2:30pm & 5pm
Friday, June 29 @ 9:30pm
Saturday, June 30 @ 7pm
Sunday, July 1 @ 3pm & 8Pm
Monday, July 2 @ 7pm


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