I’m a Rockwell Scholar, y’all!

The 2012 ESPA at Primary Stages Rockwell Scholars From Left: Patrice Bell, Anna Nugent, David Davila, Kristine M. Reyes // Photo credit: Jon Kandel

On January 31st, Primary Stages announced their upcoming  2012-2013 Season and unveiled their new scholarship program named after the late Mary Louise Rockwell, a long-time board member of the acclaimed Off-Broadway theater company.   According to Tessa LaNeve, Literary Manager of Primary Stages and Director of ESPA, “Each year, five individuals will be selected for this distinguished award based on their overwhelming generosity of spirit, commitment to their craft, enthusiasm for our school, and longstanding reliability.”

The 2012 ESPA at Primary Stages Rockwell Scholars were introduced that evening, and I’m ecstatic to share the news that I’m one of them!  The other Rockwell Scholars are Patrice Bell, David Brian Colbert, David Davila and Anna Nugent, and I’m excited to be amongst a group of such lovely and talented theater artists!

As Scholars, we’ll receive guaranteed Work Study positions as Teaching Assistants in one class each for the Spring and Summer semesters.  The instructors for whom we TA – all working theater professionals – will also serve as our mentors.

As an ESPA student for the past two years, I have become more prolific, more disciplined, more inspired and more determined to continue my journey as a playwright.  I have not only built my craft, I have also built relationships with fellow students, my instructors and the staff at ESPA and Primary Stages.   It’s an incredible honor to be recognized as a valued member of the ESPA and Primary Stages community, and I’m thrilled to represent them as a Rockwell Scholar.

I really can’t say enough about ESPA.  If you want to read more, check out:

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